Despite using a medium known primarily for the ability to record events precisely as they occurred, the best photographers produce work that tells that story, but also leaves you wondering. They inspire awe, and many unanswerable questions. There are few photographers who can match Joe Brook in that beautiful balancing act. By virtue of his trade as visual chronicler for an irreverent and disruptive youth culture media outlet known the world over, Joe is regularly embedded in moments where key elements of the story must be made plain as proof of occurrence, while other elements must remain shrouded in mystery. The Who, yes; the What, often; the Where and When, occasionally; but the Why and the How, never. That is the magic. Joe dances with the elements in a playful way, everybody at ease while turning them into participants in the moment as only he can see it. He moves effortlessly in every scenario, constantly looking, finding the angles, and capturing the ephemera before you even notice he has done it.But all that delicacy aside, Joe Brook is a workhorse of monstrous and epic proportion.

Joe grinds it out like none other, never once quitting or shying away. No excuses. His work ethic borders on the puritanical, and both his long list of friends and his curriculum vitae speak to his skills. Joe has graced the pages and pixels of a crème- de-la-créme roll call of outlets, including Thrasher, Juxtapoz, Rolling Stone, PDN, Kodak, Lodown, and countless others, but he will never tell you about that. He’s too busy shooting 100 portraits of you that will capture your inner spirit, and leave you wondering how you never saw yourself as clearly as he did. The whole time he’ll be smiling.written by: Mark Whiteley